Our Favorite Summer Pastimes!

6) Berry Picking

Whether you went with your family to the berry patch or if you found them with your friends growing over an old fence, berry picking was always something we looked forward to. If you picked at a berry farm, Mom might make homemade jam (only after everyone had stuffed themselves first). The thrill of finding a patch of wild blackberries or raspberries, though, was thrilling. Snacks like that made it easy to stay out all day!

5)Playing in the Rain

Summer Rain Puddles

Via/ Flickr

Nowadays, most people will stay inside at the first sign of a grey sky. We remember when rain was little deterrent to playing outside. Unless it was cold, we were likely out splashing around. Collecting water in buckets, jumping in puddles, and watching the worms come up for air were priceless. If it was a hot day, the rain was all the more welcome!

4) Playing in the Sprinkler or Hose

Summertime Sprinkler

Via/ Flickr

Sometimes something so simple can make a day so sweet. All it took was Mom to turn on the hose or sprinkler to get us completely overjoyed. There may have been an improvised Slip n Slide as well! If you were really fancy you may have even had the real thing. On a hot day there is nothing finer than running under a cool spray of water.

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