Our Easter Bonnets and Bunnies: April 11

Good Morning from Dusty Old Thing. Just for fun we’d like to have a few features this month showing our readers, or older family members, with their Easter bonnets and bunnies from days long ago. The only criteria is that the photo needs to be at least 50 years old (before 1964)…and we’d much prefer older ones in black and white. It would be fun to see how far back the tradition goes.

To share a photo, just come to the Dusty Old Thing Facebook page and upload one there. Give as much description as you can, including the place and date and any stories that go with it. So, if you have an old photo of yourself or an ancestor or relative in a great bonnet and with a bunny (live or toy), we’d love to see it!

Thanks go to Nancy Moore, one of our readers, for sharing the darling photo below and giving us this idea!

from: Nancy Moore: “Are we still posting Easter Pics. This is me about 1943 in front of our car.”

We love Nancy’s photo. Can you identify the toy on the ground?

This is one of our Dusty Old Thing writers, circa 1950, Dayton, Ohio. The little caped coat was navy with a white collar and pearl buttons. The hat matched. The stuffed bunny rabbit was named Hoppy. A few years later she got a live rabbit, named Thumper, who lived happily for many years running free in a fenced suburban yard and eating fine clover before retiring, due to alleged aggravation to a neighbor’s dog, to his role as chief stud rabbit on a cousin’s farm.

That’s it. For now! We’ll be looking forward to seeing your photos. Just remember, it takes a bonnet and a bunny.

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