Our Beautiful Grandmothers: February 26

Our Beautiful Grandmothers: February 26

We have so many members of this wide-ranging Dusty Old Thing community. Our grandmothers, and their mothers, represent so many countries, so many cultures, even so many regions and outlooks within one country. They have all shaped us. This morning we’ve picked out just a few of the photos recently shared with us all at Dusty. They show beauty and strength and a legacy passed on.

from: Winona Weber: “My grandmother Nettie Wirth. She was in the Indian Village at the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair”

Winona adds, “She was also a gifted athlete and musician. She played the harmonica, mandolin and the violin. She was the starting center for the Fort Shaw Indian school girls’ basketball team.”

The St. Louis World’s Fair was billed as a centennial celebration of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. In addition to all the exhibits of industry, science, exotic lands, theatre & music, 62 nations other than the USA and 43 US states, there also were re-created villages of many Native American groups including Cheyenne, Kickapoo, Osage, Sioux, Pueblo, Wichita, Apache, Dakota, Navajo, Arapahoe and many others. Hundreds of Native American families took part. Even Geronimo was there.

It is a delight to see Winona’s grandmother! She was beautiful!

from: Patty Jennings: “This is a photo of my maternal grandmothers. Left to right…..Great Great Grandmother Ernistine Shayphenberg Dziubanek…..Great Grandmother Emma Clara Dziubanek Kortz……Grandmother Ida Kortz Kingscott. I believe the pic is taken around 1910 at the Kortz farm in Michigan.”

from: Aminta Saenz: “My great grandmother, Rosa McKee and family in Rio Grande City, Texas circa 1914. My grandmother, Elvira, is standing on left. She later married Reynaldo Ponce, had 5 children,, including my dad, Ruben Ponce.”

from: Sharon Rodman Blazek: “My Grandmother, Virginia Gaynelle Deason Knight. I never met her; she died when my mother was 13 years old. I have a piece of her hair; it was a beautiful auburn brown. I think she was beautiful.”

from: Stefanie Cress: “My Great-Grandmother in Atlantic City, NJ 1922. She was 19 years old. My how swimsuits have changed!”