Onions aren’t just for cooking anymore; in fact, they are far more useful than you might realize. You can use onions in a variety of different ways in and out of the kitchen. Let’s look at some of the incredible uses for onions you are probably overlooking. We promise you’ll never look at onions the same way again!

Cold Remedy

It’s no secret that drinking a warm beverage like tea can help ease the symptoms of a cold. Have you ever heard of drinking hot onion water? Simply boil some water and toss in a few onions. Drinking onion tea might not be all that appealing, but once you feel the immediate results of this home remedy, you’ll be asking for more!

Ear Ache Remedy

Onions are also useful for relieving ear aches. By cutting up an onion and placing a piece into your achy ear, you can reduce your pain and other symptoms associated with most ear aches. This works because of the anti-inflammatory properties that naturally occur in onions.