These Everyday School Items From The Past Were Definitely A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Class is in session with this awesome school items from the past!

from: Patricia Shelley: “Farm lunch box. App 45 years old.”

Here at Dusty Old Thing, we occasionally like to highlight the items that may not hold as much monetary value as some of the other items we feature, but remind us of the good old days. Such is the case with these wonderful school items. Every photo was submitted to us by our readers, and we love to see the items you hold near and dear to your heart. Check out the following collection and take a trip down memory lane.

from: Patricia Kiehn Kniep: “This sign is 4 feet tall, metal.and in good condition. From an old school that burned down in the 60’s. My dad graduated there in the 40’s so was wondering how old and it’s worth.”
from: Dinah Lambert: “I have 2 1883 of these wall hanging cabinets, they have chalk boards on outside of each cabinet. Rare finds, Antique school house chalk board wall hanging cabinets that open and have inside a full out on the right side charts for learning by McGuffey Readers and on the left side charts of History Outline for school complete school charts, Ivison, Blackeman,Taylor and co. New York and Chicago. I have done a lot of researching and I can find one single chart. I have photos of them. I have been in this business for years and I have never seen anything like them? please can someone help. I wan to re sale them. “
from: Christa Cardamone: “1940’s school desk”
from: Jeanne Loveless: “Here is a neat flea market find: An antique leather bound school slate! No paper wasted here…..”
from: Leah Lisee: “Old school chair that was salvaged from a yard sale, now it sits in our front room and is a great conversation piece!”
from: Phyllis Meacham Williams: “My grandmother’s cousin Miss Georgia Fruit and her school bell. She taught in a 1 room school in Ky. in the late 1800’s.”
from: Brenda J Armstrong: “32” by 32″ old school bell in excellent condition!”
from: Show us your Shabby: “A bit late, here’s one of my slate boards, with the Abacus. I grab these for my daughter to play school with :)”
from: Lisa Perkins: “Found this desk at an antique shop….was told it was a “schoolmaster” desk. Think it’s cherry wood…circa late 1880’s or early 1900’s. have found little information on this design….”
from: Ken Brown: “How bout a dusty old pic of the Shelby Ind. School children”