24 Incredible Photos From The Old West That Capture a Slice of Pioneer Life

These amazing photos give us an idea of what living in the Old West was like.

17. Tinted photograph of corralling the cows on the Cimarron River, circa 1898.

Via / Library of Congress

18. Loading pack mule with flour during starvation march of General George Crook’s expedition into the Black Hills, 1876.

Via/ National Archives

19. The Rosebud river boat went up the Missouri River from Bismarck, North Dakota to Coalbanks in Montana, 1878.

Via/ National Archives

20. Ox train carrying supplies, Arizona Territory, 1883.

Via/ National Archives

21. Cowboys relaxing beside wagons wagons, circa 1880-1900.

Via/ Library of Congress

22. Anadarko townsite in the Oklahoma Territory being built upon: the beginnings of a town, 1901.

Via / National Archives

23. This Midland, Texas, sand storm in 1894 must have been imposing to settlers who were new to the area.

Via / National Archives

24.”Claims bought and sold.” Attorney’s office, Round, Oklahoma Territory, 1894.

Via / National Archives

Having left behind the cities and towns they knew and making due in harsh conditions, the settlers of the Old West made history by creating new communities. It’s truly amazing that in a time of such change that photographers were able to capture these moments and tell a story all their own for generations to come.

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