Take A Look Inside This Old Shoe Store, Untouched For More Than 40 Years!

It’s always interesting to go through your late-relatives belongings. Many times, it’s like sifting through a mini time-capsule; all of the old items and memories just waiting to be discovered again. Recently, a Reddit user by the name of Oktober75 got a chance to do just that, when he and his family visited his great-grandmother’s old shoe store, that had been nearly untouched for more than 40 years!

The shoe store, hidden from the street by  a security gate, had remained closed since the owner had passed away in the 60’s.

As you can imagine, the first thing they saw were shelves of old shoe boxes stacked upon each other.

Many of the boxes were still in great condition (and just look at how beautiful the packaging was).

Some of the shoes were a bit dusty.

But some still looked great!

But they didn’t just find shoes! There were also various old tools, and a beautiful wood stove! How cool must it have been to explore this old family shoe shop?

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