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These Old Fashioned Homemaking Skills Are Quickly Becoming Part of the Past

You just don’t see these things hardly at all anymore. Not only are women working, but even stay at home moms have soccer, violin, choir, or other practices to pick up and drop off kids at. With less time to spare and many more conveniences to help out, a lot of the old fashioned homemaking skills are often seen as unnecessary these days.

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8) Offering Milk & Cookies After School

Plenty of kids get great snacks after school these days, but chances are pretty good that they aren’t getting homemade cookies with milk. Not only are cookies not seen as a wholesome snack anymore, most moms don’t have a plethora of homemade snacks just casually hanging out in the cookie jar.

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7) Homemade Home

Many homes were once decorated with handmade home furnishings like curtains, pillows, and rugs made by the lady of the house. Projects in the back of ladies magazines offered ideas for embroidery, window coverings, doilies, shelf liners, and general room arrangement that inspired many a decor project.

6) Meals Made 100% from Scratch

We all do it: little shortcuts that make meal prep go a heck of a lot faster. From canned sauce to pre-sliced veggies, most people rarely make anything 100% from scratch these days. But, this was certainly not the case in many households 50 or even 25 years ago, when the house cook often took pride in dishes she could make entirely from scratch.

5) Matching Outfits

Made at home matching outfits for mother/ daughter or for sisters was one way to get clothes that no one else had. These types of coordinated clothes showed people how much your mama cared about you! And you never saw a mom so proud as when she was wearing a dress that matched her daughter’s!

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