You Won’t Believe Some of These Old-fashioned Cleaning Tips!

Sometimes simpler is better- our grandmothers knew this.

6) Vinegar As a Furniture Polish

Using vinegar to removes smells from cabinets and drawers is an old one, but we didn’t know that you can also use vinegar as a furniture polish or to remove water rings on wood. This is another one we’d be careful of on precious antiques. A spot-test might worth trying, though.

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5) Beer to Clean Wood

This one is new one for us! To give a subtle shine to wood panelling, the old trick is to clean it with beer. Leaving the wood a perfect sheen, this one is said to be kinder to the wood over time because it doesn’t leave a heavy residue, though it might leave your house smelling of beer. We’ve heard it’s great for wood floors and furniture as well. Flat or stale beer works best for this one.

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4) Cut Lemon for Copper Pans

A cut lemon, dipped in salt, is an old trick for cleaning copper pans. We’ve also heard of using ketchup for cleaning brass. Both have acids that act to remove tarnish and gunk. On old pieces though, sometimes the tarnish is part of the charm!

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