You Won’t Believe Some of These Old-fashioned Cleaning Tips!

Sometimes simpler is better- our grandmothers knew this.

It’s amazing to think of how clean grandma’s house was, even before we had the vast array of cleaning products we have today. In the cleaning aisle, you can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of scents and products available. There is a product for every different surface of your home. Back then, though, people used what they had on-hand to make their homes sparkle. Some of these tips were old standbys for us, but some were surprisingly new. It’s great to be able to use things you probably already have on hand! Have a look at these old-fashioned cleaning methods using some clever ingredients.

9) Gin & Water to Clean Mirrors

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A mixture of gin and water will leave your mirrors spotless. This might be a waste of good gin, but it might be worth it if you really love a good clean mirror!

8) Bread As a Cleaner

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Many of us have heard of using bread to clean paintings. But, it was a surprise to hear that it was used to clean suede, leather, and wallpaper as well. The soft, inner part of the slice is used as a sort of sponge, with no other cleaners in the process. White bread is all the better since it needs to be soft and pliable. It might go without saying, but make sure any painting isn’t a priceless piece and that all paint or wallpaper is firmly attached before you attempt this one.

7) Milk For Ink Stains

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Whether you’re using it straight up or with vinegar, milk does a great job at removing ink stains from clothing. The key is letting it soak and having the stain completely submerged. We’ve also heard hairspray is a great one to use as a pre-treat on ink stains.

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