Old-fashioned Christmas Traditions You Can Bring Back This Year

4) Play the Classics

Put on the the old holiday hitmakers like Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Judy Garland, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole and your house will radiate timeless holiday warmth.

3) The Christmas Pyramid

Buy a ready made one or make your own Weihnachtspyramide (otherwise known as the Christmas pyramid) with a DIY kit. The German spinning Christmas pyramid adds an element of old fashioned charm at the holidays.

2) Serve Much More Than Sweets

Keep candy to a minimum while serving a bevy of mixed nuts for folks to snack on along with a nutcracker (if they’re not in the shell it’s not Christmas). Fresh oranges and homemade cheeseballs make a great snack table just like in the old days.

1) Homemade is Best

If you do serve candy or cookies, make it homemade. There’s nothing like the unique flavor combos of peanut butter haystacks, potato candy, or homemade fudge.

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