Way back in 2014, three young roommates bought an old couch from a thrift store for $20. After a couple of weeks, they thought that the couch felt especially lumpy; so they decided to flip it over the cushions to find out why it felt so odd.

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t they check out the couch when they first bought it to make sure it didn’t have all sorts of creepy crawlies or gross nastiness inside? I mean, who knows what might have been lurking in there? These young people are lucky that what they found was much much better than what the odds suggested they might find.

Much to their surprise, the students found a plastic bag containing envelopes of cash- a total of $40,000!

Along with the cash was a deposit slip with the name of a 91-year-old woman on it. The roommates learned that the couch (and the cash) belonged to this woman, so they decided to track her down and do the right thing by giving it back to her. How awesome! We applaud you, students!

It’s wonderful to find treasure, even more so when it makes its way back to the original owner! Watch the whole story below.