October 29 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Kathy Watson: “This beauty was given to me and I’d like to have some idea to its age. Any ideas?”

from: Cheryl Ferrara: “Does anyone know anything about this lamp? I got it over 10 years ago from a woman in her 90’s and she said it belonged to her mother. I have never seen another one like it.”

from: Linda Archer: “Yard sale find- old photo of Anheuser Busch brewery. Displayed in a history department at some point. Museum matting. Rather large photo. Wondering what it might be valued at? Thoughts?”

from: Blyth Robertson: “Picked this up recentlyÖa Capodimonte centerpiece/vase. There is an ink stamped Capodimonte mark and words Made in Italy on the bottom, as well as an imprinted number: 1870. Can anyone provide any further info as to date of piece and possible value? Thanks so much!”

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