October 22 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Joy Shaw Lane: “My husband bought this at a yard sale a couple of years ago. The clock runs backwards and there’s a winding key on the base that you wind and music plays. The clock face is marked stylis Movement by sessionsMade in USA and the clock is made out of some kind of metal.I’ve tried to research it but I’ve found nothing even similar to it. I’m hoping someone will be able to tell me something about it. “

from: Carol L. Oldroyd Carver: “Sitting in 300 year old house dining room”

from: Coralie A Dorsam: “Just some of my vast collection of chalkware figurines made by Roman art company,they copied alot of the staffordshire figurines which of course were porcelain instead”

from: Sherri Sage-Kuncaitis: “Back stamp for 1911.Noritake (Royal Crockery)”

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