October 21 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Cathy Fleming: “Can anyone tell me anything about this item it an oil lamp that has been converted into an electric lamp. I bid on this at auction about 5 yrs ago it was an auction due to a bookkeeper stealing money and buying antiques with the money I won the bid buying this for $60.00 when I got it home it had a price sticker of $1200.00 from an antique shop where she purchased it”

from: Sha Anderson: “Great bar I made from old 1960’s TV cabinet. Definitely a conversation piece. “

from: Loretta Slaughter: “Found this horse all metal/iron. Has 3 wheels and handlebars, never had pedals and very detailed. Saddle is puffed up and has stars puffed higher then saddle. Has no markings, would love to find any info on it. Year? Maker? Value?”

from: Kelly Bakken Wallace: “Can anyone tell me about this old crock? 29” high. Got it at a estate sale. “

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