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November 24 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Vicki Stevens: “Trying to identify this rocker”

from: Minette Massey Langston: “These were my grandmother’s which where just given to me. There are no markings at all on them anywhere I can find. Doesn’t show well in this picture, but I THINK it’s carnival glass, they are a red with an opalescent look to them in the sunlight. Does anyone have any idea of the age, etc on these? “

from: Tammy Vinnedge: “A photo from Tammy”

from: Helen Pitman: “Can anyone give me an idea of what this was used for. The bowls are copper, the stand is metal. Stamped Turkey on underside.”

Librarian Finds A Half-Eaten Cookie Inside A Book Dating Back To 1529: Click “Next Page” below!

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