November 22 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Trish Walker: “This was given to me years ago, i have no idea what it is, can someone help me identify and is it worth anything? I cant find anything simular to it on the web. Its in perfect condition.”

from: Jackie Stephens Merrell: “Would like to know something about these? I had an aunt in Nashville, that gave me these before she died. She knew nothing about themÖ.said a neighbor gave them to her 40 years ago after finding them in an old house. There are NO marking on them except the number 1626 and a small “v” under that inside the candlestick holder. I know that they are very old. They are weighted with rock or coal or something. Any help or where I might find help would be great.”

from: Cindy Powell-Courie: “Wondering if you know anything about this?”

from: K’Dee Garcia: “Very curious to learn more about this piece! :-)”

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