November 21 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Carol Boyd: “Our old hand painted Drugstore sign.”

from: Rob Silversides: “I bought two of these lamps for $25. At a yard sale. I took them to a local antique shop that placed the bobochet at at least $300/pc. The bases are not original, the 7” crystal drops are irreplaceable. I’m having them cleaned, rewired, and restored with faceted crystal drops from the same period. The people I took it to thought they might be turn of the century Italian crystal rewired in the 40’s or later. “

from: Tammie Dale Lysnes: “I bought this recently from a secondhand store. Can anyone tell me about it? “

from: Mary Ann Bratvold: “Can anyone tell me about this coco set? Was told Great great Grandma brought here from Norway? “

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