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Eight Classic Hymns Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before

Hymn Medly

The simple and raw setting of this music video only adds to the stunning vocals and breathtaking harmony. How many of these classic hymns do you recognize? You’ll be blown away by these talented young men and their voices! See the full performance here!

Crown Him With Many Crowns

Chris Tomlin has set his pen to making old hymns accessible more than once and given my personal love of theologically rich songs, I’m shocked I didn’t hear this one before today! Taking his pen and penchant for singable melodies to the classic “Crown Him With Many Crowns,” Tomlin added a wonderful chorus to teach the song’s core truths in a repeatable, accessible manner. More than that, he’s joined by the incredibly talented Kari Jobe in this track! Follow the lyrics and melody in this video, and sing along with this “digital hymnal!”

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