According to This Film Reel, NASA Astronauts Got To Pick Their Own Meals!

If you ever wanted to know how NASA meals were selected and prepared in the 1960s then have a look at this film reel from 1967.

Have you ever wondered how the meals for the early NASA astronauts were selected? It seems like we grew up with stories of how cool “astronaut food” was, with alternate tales of how gross they could be? According to this NASA film reel from 1967, the astronauts picked their own meals for space travel! Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods became the staples of the space program and we have to wonder how many meals were selected based on their flavors in a non-dehydrated form. This video is just a blast from the past and reminds us of so many film reels we saw in school! Have a look at how the color-coded meals are processed and stored aboard spacecraft and gave astronauts the “peak physical condition and mental attitudes” needed for difficult missions! Check out this film from the Florida State Archives below.