Mystery Items Of The Week! Can you Help Us Identify These 5 Items?

Everyday, our readers submit photos of the beautiful antiques they come across. Occasionally, we see an item that has us puzzled, so we turn to you for help! Take a look at the following fiveitems, and see if you can identify all of them. And as always, thank you for sharing your photos!

from: Diane DiTolvo: “What is it?”

from: Beckie Lewis: “Does anyone have any idea what this is. Its brass comes apart in two places. Thought it was cool so I bought it but have no idea what it is. HELP”

from: Sherri Chitwood Hall: “What are these?”

from: Carol Piquard Compton Weir: “What in the heck is this?!”

from: Rick Richuber: “Found these in my father in laws garage. They are cast iron and numbered. Any idea as to what they are and are they worth anything.”

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