Mr. Rogers was one of our childhood heroes. He taught kids to be respectful of other people, to embrace the little pleasures in life, and he never lied to children about things like racism, divorce, and death. Basically, he was an amazing performer who really cared about what kind of message he was sending out to people.

A new documentary from Focus Features aims to tell his story more completely, and for this time it’s for adults (though we’d argue people of any age can learn a thing or two from Mr. Rogers). For those of us who want to know more about the amazing Fred Rogers, then this film promises to deliver an in-depth look at how he changed television and what motivated him as a children’s performer. The heart-warming film is set to be released June 18 and we can’t wait! Have a look at the trailer below. And, click “Next Page” after the video to see if you know which classic TV theme songs actually had words!