“Mom” Cures That Always Seemed to Work

You knew you were really sick when she brought out the crackers and Sprite.

Back when we were kids moms had their own methodology for caring for sick kids at home. After a rigorous assessment to see if you were faking just to stay home from school, you then had to be quarantined from other children and taken care of properly. Each mother had her own way of doing things, but in decades past there were some commonly used home remedies and simpler over the counter medications that seemed to be in nearly every mom’s arsenal of weapons in the fight against illness. Have a look at these “mom cures” from the old days that many of us still swear by today.

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Ginger ale or Sprite for upset tummy

Moms thought the bubbles helped with tummy aches, but it was more of a morale booster in many cases. It was also a way to make sure that dehydration didn’t set in.

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Vick’s VapoRub

For any cough or cold Mom trotted this one out and spread it under your nightie or shirt. Who else grew up with the tradition of putting VapoRub on your feet or had it given via mouth?

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Hot soup

Usually it was chicken noodle, but other types of soup were sometimes also deployed. There does seem to be some universal comfort in soup that makes us feel better, even as adults.

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Orange sherbet

This was another magic cure for for sore throats and if that wasn’t possible then a spoonful of honey or whiskey was given.

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Mom always gave these for the first forays into food after a stomach flu. The combination of saltines and Sprite together really let you know it was time to get mending.

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Hot water bottle

Or even a heating pad under the blankets or on the old tummy really did seem to help an awful lot.

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Plenty of gameshows on tv

When Mom turned the TV on and set you up on the couch it was enough to make whatever illness you had bearable.

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Mercurochrome for any scrapes

This was the go-to for cuts and gashes and it stung like nothing else.

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Baby aspirin

The weird orange/ apricot flavor of baby aspirin tasted so good!