How To Collect Mason Jars, And Some Of Our Favorites!

Whether you’re a collector or a DIYer, mason jars are a great item to keep an eye out for!

Dating back to 1858, Mason Jars were initially meant to preserve produce. Three of the most common U.S. brands include Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest. Today, antique Mason jars are highly collectible, while more modern Mason jars are being used for a variety of projects and crafts. Check out the following video from Dylan’s Vintage Minute, profiling the Mason Jar renaissance, and take a look at some of our favorite user-submitted photos.

Do you collect, or get crafty, with mason jars? If so, we’d love to see your photos!

from: Crystal Smith: “This old Mason jar is dated Nov 30, 1858. Found in a thrift store–Love it!”
from: Crimson Dawn: “Does anyone know anything about this old mason jar? The logo Says “The Mason” I can’t find any other markings on it.”
from: Arryn Shayna St Clair: “My husband brought home this huge blue tint mason jar and I love it. What we’re these most commonly used for or how would you choose to use it?”
from: Cathy Hunt Garland: “so after seeing another members beautiful seltzer bottle in the window…..I had to post MINE!…….my question for you is……are PHILIDELPHIA aqua mason jars more collectable than others…….they do seem harder to find!”
from: Nancy Hinds: “Anyone seen one of these ‘Drey perfect mason’ jar before? It’s more pink than lavender colored glass. Has a pontil on the bottom and seams on the sides.”
from: Doug Pollard: “Large Mason Jar full of old costume jewelry , brass odds & ends, buttons ,doll parts, etc, etc. Small jar is full of shot Civil War bullets (from CV camp sites ) All were either dug in Dump sites or found by using metal Detector. Lids & jars too! Although not worth much , makes for good conversation pieces !”