You Will Soon Be Able To Visit The World’s First Makeup Museum

In 2020, those who love cosmetics will have reason to rejoice. The first makeup museum in the world will be opening in New York. The first exhibit: “Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America,” will look into the makeup industry and cover it thoroughly from that decade.

You might be asking why the 1950s are being targeted. The Hollywood reporter said, according to Doreen Bloch, who co-founded the museum, “The ’50s was a time of immense change. You have the advent of the color TV, which is game-changing for the makeup industry, where all of a sudden you can actually see the color of Lucille Ball’s lips in ‘I Love Lucy,’ and how that impacted the sale of cosmetics.”

The 50s was also the era in which many iconic brands in the industry began to emerge, such as Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, and Sally Hansen. A look at the museum’s FAQ provides more information. It is not only a matter of looking at beauty trends, the exhibit is trying to educate visitors about the origin of those trends and how they have impacted what we see today.

“It will be so powerful for people to understand the significance makeup has, and its integral part of every culture in the world,” Rachel Goodwin, celebrity makeup artist and Makeup Museum co-founder, said in a press release.

The museum is planning more than large-scale exhibits, they will also be hosting interactive events and have shoppable programming as well.

“What I really do hope is that makeup artists get a museum that legitimizes their craft in a way that has not happened before,” Goodwin told THR. “We’re called artists, but still seen as being on the fringe.”

You can learn more about the museum in this video:

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