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Lucy And Ricky Had Some Very Special News To Share On This Episode Of ‘I Love Lucy’

If you’ve ever seen an episdoe of “I Love Lucy,” (and we really hope that you have) you know that the show is famous for Lucy’s slapstick antics and her husband Ricky’s reactions. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the real-life couple behind the characters, took a tender moment to share some very special news in this episode from season 2. While performing on stage, Ricky gets a note from a fan informing him that she and her husband are having a baby, but she hasn’t told the husband yet. She asks Ricky to sing “We’re Having a Baby,” which he happily agrees to. Half way through the performance however, he realizes that the note was written by his wife! Check out the clip below to see the special moment, including their reactions (which you have to believe are genuine and real — Ball was 5 months pregnant at the time).

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