From the Get-Go These “Let’s Dance” Kids Light Up the Studio

You’ll be tapping your toes again to this 1960s hit!

The 60s were such a wonderful time for music and if you have great taste in music then you’ll remember this song fondly! This high-energy top ten hit was a sensation in 1962 when it came out. “Let’s Dance” by pop legend Chris Montez is the perfect melody to boogie to. Montez was a legend in his time, even the Beatles once opened for him! And, check out these dancers! From the Lindy Hop to the Swim and every dance in between, these kids really know how to dance.

Montez was such a legend in his time: even the Beatles once opened for him! Watch as one of our favorite dance tunes comes to life again in this fabulous clip that showcases these talented young dancers! We’re always up for a good song and some great dancing. Did these kids dance your favorite dance? Let us know in the comments.