Possibly the Most Detailed Dollhouse You’ll Ever See

In her life as a writer, Jenny Lawson has written two bestselling books. But in her spare time she has worked for the past decade to create a stunning work of art. Her motivation to craft the tiniest of details with artistry is truly astounding! A bit more grown up than the dollhouse I had as a kid, she built another world in its walls with references to fantasy, folklore, and science fiction books/ films in every room. From the tiny spinning wheel to the artwork on the walls, you would be hard-pressed to find another dollhouse with this level of detail and love put in. There’s even a solarium! Lawson has transformed an unadorned Victorian style dollhouse into a “haunted” dollhouse, although I think it looks rather cozy. Have a look for yourself.

»With a much bigger budget, this dollhouse is beautiful in a much different way.»

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