Eras Collide When These Historical Photographs Are Shown Next To Modern Landmarks

What if you could be in two places at once? Or, more specifically, two eras at once? French art director Julien Knez has created a beautiful project that brings the past into full focus.

Imagine you are walking past the Moulin Rouge and the street is suddenly flooded with horse-drawn carriages. Or maybe you are shopping near the Arc de Triumph when a double decker trolly car comes speeding past. Highlighting scenes from the past with the present day, Julien Knezcombines the two in a breath taking way. The historical photographs give us a window to the past when overlayed onto modern sites. His superimposed images put history into perspective and give us a vivid reminder of how Paris used to be. This project grew into a book for Knez and we can see why! My favorite are the the WWII scenes, which are rather poignant. Take a look through the screen to a place where eras collide in the most beautiful way.

┬╗Watch old photographs come to life in this video project┬╗