Eras Collide When These Historical Photographs Are Shown Next To Modern Landmarks

Imagine you are walking past the Moulin Rouge and the street is suddenly flooded with horse-drawn carriages. Or maybe you are shopping near the Arc de Triumph when a double decker trolly car comes speeding past. Highlighting scenes from the past with the present day, Julien Knez combines the two in a breath taking way. The historical photographs give us a window to the past when overlayed onto modern sites. His superimposed images put history into perspective and give us a vivid reminder of how Paris used to be. This project grew into a book for Knez and we can see why! My favorite are the the WWII scenes, which are rather poignant. Take a look through the screen to a place where eras collide in the most beautiful way.

»Watch old photographs come to life in this video project»

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