Ladies Take Note: You’ve Been Using That Colander All Wrong!

What could you wear from the kitchen besides an apron? Add some feathers and sequins and you could have some haute couture from a salad set!

Remember when kitchens were almost exclusively women’s domain? Remember when young ladies wore their chosen wedding registry cutlery pattern as tiny brooches? It was truly a different time altogether. For this silly film reel, some folks got the idea they should wear their kitchen tools as hats! These funky hats made from kitchen supplies take the cake as the ultimate in culinary inspiration. Taking a colander to the next level, this funny vintage video shows a hat designer, Madge Chard, who has gotten some crazy notions about what makes a fashionable hat for a debutante or the lady of the house. The salad servers seem like they would be quite clunky, but the hat shaped like a bon bon is actually quite fetching! It just goes to show that almost anything can be designer with a few ribbons and sparkles. Take a look below.

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