Kids Try 100 Years of “Party” Foods

It’s surprising what these kids enjoy!

Can you remember a time when raisins, prunes, and Jell-o were some of the special offerings at parties? Well, most kids these days can’t even imagine it. What’s being served at social functions today has changed so much since we were kids. With such a huge variety of processed snack foods on the market, it’s no wonder that we have long since abandoned dried fruit as a celebratory food- at least for most children’s parties. We were amazed at the foods they seemed to really enjoy (beyond just cheese curls and party mix). You just never know what’s going to be a hit with the kids!

Have a look below at the Bon App├ętit video of kids of varying ages trying 100 years of party foods. And, if you enjoyed this then click the “Next Page” button at the bottom for 10 foods we really miss from the Good Old Days!