The Silent Screen Got a New Star Today

From the invention of the light bulb to the moon landing, history is being made everyday. On this day in history, June 7th, 1909 Mary Pickford made her screen debut. In fact, the talented actress appeared in 51 films that year! She went on to form United Artists, directing films as well as acting in them. Read on to find out more events that made history on this day.

1) In 1909, actress, Jessica Tandy, is born in London. Her career spanned more than 60 years!

1) In 1937, famed actress, Jean Harlow, died from kidney failure. Star of Reckless and The Girl From Missouri, Harlow’s tragic life and famous films made her a legend.

2) In 1940, singer Tom Jones was born in South Wales. The charismatic performer is known for his many hits and energetic shows.

3) In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee among the crowds of people in London. Her Majesty had toured the Commonwealth countries for months beforehand to celebrate in many territories of the British Empire. Street parties popped up all over to celebrate.

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