July 6 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Mar Kohl: “This sweet family has lived with us for many years, since I found them among odds and ends on a shelf at a swap meet. I just love the obvious affection shared among the lady and the young man, and the others are quite comfortable together as well. They needed a home so here they are. Are they yours?”

from: Jim Begley: “I collect anything cast iron.”

from: Sandra Socha: “Been awhile since I posted anything here so thought today was a good day to start again. This is a 1876 Field Cradle. These were taken out on veranda or into fields. Kept baby cooler in the summer with the Brentwood slats.”

from: Jeff Ormsby: “Late 19th Century Articulated Wooden Toy Terrier Dog, which as you can see by the tag, I picked up at an estate sale for $10.00!Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.”

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