July 5 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Hugh Jones: “These are some of my favorite things and real survivors. The blue fan is from the Womens Temperance Union and is from 1918 due to the back of the fan is still pushing for it to be enacted and list when individual states ban liquor. The Uncle Sam fireworks fan is from a store and has the star of spangled banner on reverse to include the 4th verse. The other two are Buffalo Bill and a folding fan from Floridas Cypress Gardens. All these were dead center of of a fire that destroyed the antique store I was at. These were the things I was concerned about as I watched the store burn. When I got into it the store I moved the shatered glass to the display shelf expecting to find ashes and these were still in perfect shape somehow. The mylar comic holders I had them in did their job somehow.”

from: Jennifer Clark Croce: “Some of my favorite “Dusty Old Things””

from: Val Magnuson: “more cranberry glass-“

from: Sharon Chaffee: “It has a removable top tray. One door on each side. The doors each have 4 panes of beveled glass, and the cabinet itself has an extra 4 panes on each side of the body of the cabinet. The glass panes are the old wavy glass. Would anyone have any knowledge about how to have this checked out, it’s time period or what it may be worth? It appears to be hand crafted. Any input about it is appreciated. Thanks.”

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