July 15 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Joseph Charles Rice: “Circa 1880s, British School oil portrait of Young Gentry, that was bought 10 years ago from a neighbor who lived in England following the Second World War. He acquired the portrait while living there.”

from: Anne McClure: “The pink vase is very old. The flowers are hand painted glass and there are small crystal “dots” decorating the front. It looks a lot like Fenton but there are no markings. I know this vase was in our house in the 1940’s and could have been around before that. The blue vase, I know absolutely nothing about, except that it is lovely. I purchased it at a flea market last year. I would love to know the origin and age of both.”

from: Rebecca Langen: “This is a 1910 Schiller piano. I am running out of room in my home so it is in the kitchen for now! I kinda like it there. Not many people have a piano in the kitchen! I can not wait to restore it.”

from: Andrej Hallder: “Some alarm clocks”

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