July 10 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Jean Paul Verot: “small box in quite old embroidered cloth”

from: Dottie Hoffman: “My Great Grandfather, William Baumfalk with furniture he made. Looks like he used doors, etc and lots of ingenuity and his trusty saw! My Great Grandmother was probably thrilled! My Grandmother, his child, was born in 1892 so imagine the pic is around that time…he lived in the Herndon, Kansas area.”

from: Jean Paul Verot: “inkwell remenber paris 1900 bone or ivory j do not know photo represents the bridge of the grand palace pen mapping number 29”

from: Melinda Jo Fitzgerald-Burczycki: “This is my 2nd great grandparents’ (James Fitzgerald and Josepha Dunn) marriage certificate from the year 1868”

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