January 17 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Karen Boucher Brown: “Anyone know the correct name or style for this cabinet bought in the 1940’s.”

from: Cathy C Overton: “I’ve been collecting old yellow ware for several years. It’s a joy for me to imagine how each piece would have been used so long ago in another time and place. “

from: Nancy Rapp Bennett: “Can someone tell me about this rocker? I have found similar designs, but with wicker back and/or seat. This has a wooden perforated back with a circular design, and the seat has a star design. Thank you!”

from: Gina Patton: “The old restaurant dishes are one of my favorite things to collect. White with green band pieces date to the early 1900’s and were produced by many restaurant ware makers through the 60’s. It was an easy way to replace new wares to match the old and you can find almost every possible piece to be needed made in this style. Occasionally you find pieces, like the large and small platters, that were adorned with a artistically designed transfer identifying the restaurant it was special ordered for. “

Victorian-Era Bathhouse Discovered Under A Manchester Parking Lot: Click “Next Page” below!

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