January 15 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Emily Johnson- Stewart: “Anybody have any idea what this is worth, age, etc?? Apparently it had a mirror on the inside of the center door which lifts up.”

from: Zaira Maze: “My husband picked up this wonderful 1950’s Sirram antique picnic set. Would like to learn more about it”

from: Carol Musselman: “Part of my Eschenbach, Bavaria Elfenbein Porzellan. Bought at a garage sale, 20 years ago. The story is that it was brought over, by a German lady, during WW2. I paid $50. Service for 6 with 16 serving pieces. I researched a long time to find out that the factory was bombed, during the war, and all records were destroyed. The story fits. The mark was not used for export.”

from: Sharon Amburgey: “can anyone tell me about the old bottles”

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