January 12 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Laureen Ellen Miklos: “I bought this epergne at an antiques store in Michigan. The light pink vases look similar to depression glass, but I’ve never seen an epergne like this. I think the metal stand is chrome. Any info appreciated.”

from: Judy Dobbins Crum: “Johnson Brothers, American Heritage dishes.Each setting depicts someplace historical in America. This set was shipped from England during second world war.”

from: Teresa Bush Keeton: “Sorry if I uploaded this one twice, but I did not include a caption last time. This was my Mom and Dad’s first piece of furniture back in 1947.”

from: Terry Morgan Morrison: “Tea time anyone? Love the tea pot and especially love the chocolate pot that belonged to my mother. She purchased it in an antique shop in Ohio years ago. “

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