January 11 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Karen Petree: “Can you tell me anything about this lamp? I’m looking for a replacement for a friend.”

from: Bob Davis: “Old 20’s bucket bench in original green paint with goodies on it . “A photo from Bob Davis “”

from: Tiffany Herman Stojanovi?: “I recently purchased this beautiful Toledo scale, that appears to be in good working order. However, I can’t find anything on the value. I have the info. on the back that say’s patented…with dates ranging from Nov. 7, 1916 through Jan. 10th 1922Style- 8Z2AVSerial# 434159I’ve googled myself crazy. I even called the Toledo mfg. company to no avail. If you’ll notice, there are, from the research I’ve done…some oddity’s. I haven’t been able to find another “Lollipop” style scale, (this one is around 72″H), that only goes up to 300lbs. Also, the calibrator seems to be reversed. I’ve not been able to find one with the calibrator fixed in the rear. I’m pretty certain that at some point the surface was replaced with the wooded planked platform…& I can’t get it off. So, all that being said…do anyone know anything, anything at all that may help me identify what exactly I have, what type of industry it may have been used in and the value?I appreciate any advice/ opinion/ help that you could possibly offer. “

from: Loretta Slaughter: “Found this horse all metal/iron. Has 3 wheels and handlebars, never had pedals and very detailed. Saddle is puffed up and has stars puffed higher then saddle. Has no markings, would love to find any info on it. Year? Maker? Value?”

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