Get a Rare Glimpse Inside a German U-Boat from WWI

These 12 photographs from 1918 show the guts of this complicated war machine.

Sunk off the coast of Hartlepool, England in July of 1918, this German u-boat was then dry docked at Wallsend in order to be restored as a future service vessel by the British Royal Navy during World War I. While the Armistice only four months later meant that she was no longer needed, this German SM U-110 submarine was extensively photographed by Frank & Sons of South Shields. The details on this unterseeboot show an extremely complicated mass of pipes, levers and wires.

The submarine dry-docked after having been sunk and then risen by the Royal Navy. Via/ Flickr
Dry docked at Wallsend. Via/ Flickr
Sleeping berths aboard the German SM U-110 sub. Via/ Flickr
Engine room. Via/ Flickr
Electrical control room. Via/ Flickr
Another view of the electrical room. Via/ Flickr

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