In the County In Days Gone By

Tonight we’d like to feature just a few of the wonderful vintage photos, posted by our readers, that show a bit of country life in days gone by. We hope you enjoy them and that they bring up memories of old family stories.

from Peggy VanAntwerp: “My husband’s Great – grandfather’s barn raising in Memphis, Michigan. Love the guys in the rafters and all the children too.”

We were tempted to try to count the number of people in this amazing photo, but gave up. It’s such a remarkable thing to see! Thank you so much, Peggy, for sharing it with us all at Dusty.

from: Jeannine Mayo Wiar: “Seeing pictures on your site reminded me of a picture I have of a covered wagon that sat on my grandmother’s homestead for many years. One of our ancestors was a wagonmaster. I love this picture.”

And we love Jeannine’s photo! It is just so very remarkable. Notice, too, not only the girl and boy in the wagon, but also the goat!

from: Enjoying The View: “country store back in the day!”

It’s always amazing to still see old country stores like this one, usually at forgotten crossroads. Notice the bread advertisements on the screen door.

from: Ron Mund: “This is a photo of my Dad’s car. I am trying to find out what kind of car it is and what year. Someone told me it is a Ford but I am not sure about that. I think this photo is from the 1920s era and was taken in the Chase/Reed City Michigan area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

Besides seeing Ron’s Dad’s car in this photo, the view of the large house and the small barn or shed behind is gives such a feel for life in the country, or in small towns so long ago.

Thanks to Ron, Enjoying The View, Jeannine, Peggy and everyone else for sharing their precious photographic memories with us.

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