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Beautifully Dressed Shopgirls of the Early 20th Century Had Real Style

Once considered the domain of men, as department stores popped up in growing numbers women were employed more and more as clerks and assistants- even as elevator operators. Into the 1970s and ’80s many female department store employees were entailed to wear their best clothing. Even female K-mart employees were required to wear heels to work! Of course so much has changed since then and most stores today don’t offer the kind of service that department stores offered back then.

Reiss Department Store staff, 1914. Via/ Library of Congress

Blanck’s Department Store, 1920s. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Linn & Scruggs Department Store staff, 1910. Via/ Library of Congress

Cracowaner’s Department Store, 1920s. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Eaton’s candy department, 1904. Via/ Wiki Commons

Eaton’s seamstresses, 1904. Some of the women are wearing their measuring tapes around their necks, while others are wearing ties like Gibson girls. Via/ Wiki Commons

Staff of Burdine’s Department Store, 1929. Notice one bold woman in pants! Via/ State Archives of Florida

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