Dog Takes Over FaceTime Chat After Owner Falls Asleep & It’s Too Funny.

“I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes.”

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We’ve all been there — you want to catch up with your significant other after a long day, but you’re just so tired you can barely keep your eyes open.

That’s exactly what happened to Sam Stine of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while he was having a late night FaceTime session with his girlfriend, Brookelyn Bilski. They’d been chatting away when suddenly Brookelyn dozed off, but thankfully there was someone else nearby who was more than ready for his close-up.

Photos: Twitter/spicegirlsam

Meet Leo, Brookelyn’s sweet, fluffy little chihuahua.

“She had fallen asleep with her phone up against her pillow,” Sam explained. “I watched Leo walk over to the phone and stare directly into my eyes.” As soon as his owner was off to slumber town little Leo popped up to take her place, leaving Sam to have “a deep meaningful conversation” during which they “learned a lot about each other.”

Sam was so tickled by Leo’s FaceTime crashing escapade that he shared a photo of the four-year-old dog on Twitter, where it began to spread like wildfire.

Photo: Twitter/spicegirlsam

It turns out that a lot of pet owners have had this sort of thing happen, and they couldn’t wait to share their own pictures and stories of animals co-opting their video chats. These pets are seriously cute… and seriously good at barging in!

Photo: Twitter/spicegirlsam

Sam said that he and Brookelyn are excited about the attention Leo has gotten and love the fact that he’s having a bit of a web meme moment.“I’m really surprised by the amount of attention the post got,” Sam said. “Really glad people appreciate Leo as much as we do.”

And how does Leo feel about all the attention? Well we guess Sam will have to ask him on their next video call!

Photo: Twitter/spicegirlsam

How cute is this little guy? We wish all FaceTime conversations were this wholesome and adorable. Way to take over and make people smile, Leo!

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