Real Or Fake: Learn How To Identify Real Pearls!

Learn how to identify if those “antique” or “vintage” pearls are real or not!

Pearls are a fascinating natural creation that people have been enamored with for thousands of years, as evidenced by the numerous rulers across the world who wore them as a symbol of status and power. Because they’ve been so highly sought after for so long, the many methods of producing faux pearls have evolved and gotten better and better with time. Whereas fake pearls used to stick out like sore thumbs, they now appear very convincingly real. Faux pearls today can look exactly like the real thing, which can make determining the real value of a thrift store find a lot more difficult.

Pearl expert, Jessica Buchleitner, has 7 tips to use when gauging whether or not pearls are real, including one unexpected tip involving your teeth! Watch the video below and never be in doubt again about whether your pearls are real or fake!