Can You Guess What This Is? Hint – It Was Perfect For A Hot Day.

Now THIS is a case of, ”they don’t make ’em like they used to!”

If you guessed ice cream maker, you’re correct! The art of making ice cream using an old-fashioned, hand-cranked ice cream maker dates back to 1843, when Nancy Johnson received the first U.S. patent for these machines. While many of us learned how to make ice cream in science class, it’s actually a pretty cool process! The small, inner bowl is filled with the delicious ingredients, and then surrounded by ice and a mixture of rock salt. The rock salt allows the ice to absorb the heat from the ingredients (which freezes the cream), while the user churns the cream to achieve a delicious consistency.

from: Angela Tin Man Elam: “ice cream maker”
Can You Guess What This Is? Hint - It Was Perfect For A Hot Day.
from: Daniel Adams Fine Art Gallery: “Over 100 years old and everything is still the same inside this soda fountain in Moline, Illinois. Interesting antiques to look at, and old fashioned candies too. The ice cream sundaes are awesome!”
from: Pam Place: “This is some of my husbands ice cream dipper collection …He has about 700”
from: Victor Tinney: “Original Ice Cream Parlor Chairs! Anyone know about pricing these? “