These 16 Photos Perfectly Show Just How Stylish Travel Used to Be

From barbershops on trains to full-service flights, these images show how swanky travel was back then!

Remember when traveling was a very big deal? Getting dressed up to travel was the norm and on planes and trains you got full-service by the staff. It was a different time. Air travel was still massively expensive, but once aboard you got the works. We miss the amazing service and well-thought design of the old trains and planes. These 16 photographs show just how elegant travel could be back in the good old days.

1940s Freedom Train. Via/ Flickr
Dining on the George Washington train. Via/ Library of Congress
Challenger train stewardess 1941. Via/ Wiki Commons

In the early days of flight, stewardesses were required to have nursing training. In the image below we see a train nurse-stewardess helping a young mother and baby. While obviously a huge help to passengers who needed it, this kind of service is no longer a regular occurrence.

Challenger train nurse, 1930s. Via/ Wiki Commons

When train travel was the way to go, trains had library cars, barbers, and first rate dining cars. While this level of service was not affordable for everyone, it’s hard to imagine these types of amenities on board a train these days.

Deluxe overland limited train lounge and observation car, 1910s. Via/ Library
Deluxe overland limited train buffet library car, 1910s. Via/ Library of Congress
Deluxe overland limited train barber shop car, 1910s. Via/ Library of Congress
Amtrak Southwest Limited dining car, 1974. Via/ Flickr

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