Horses, Mules, Buggies and a Bus

Sometimes we find the vintage photos shared with us by our readers to be so very intriguing. It’s almost like we are caught up in those times, or in the stories that go with them. Tonight we’d like to feature some with horses, mules, wagons, buggies and one bus where love bloomed.

from: Kelly Gaulden Anderson: “My Great Grandfather’s Frank H Alley Ice Business before he went into the Coal Business.”

from: Terry Haygood: “My Grandpa Haygood. Working the fields off Aden Dr. El Monte Calif. 1930’s”

from: Joanne Waller Case: “For your horse and buggy collection. Great grandpa and great grandma going shopping? Had to be before 1909 because that’s the year he died.”

from: Janet Novy: “Uncle Roy – This picture reminds me of a storymy mother told about her and her sister who wanted to go to a dance but had notransportation. In desperation, theyfinally agreed to go with their brotherRoy. Unfortunately, Roy was so protective that he wouldn’t let them dance with anyone but him. Needless to say,they weren’t that desperate again.”

from Jim & Dawn O’Hern. Dawn writes that this is her dad, C.V. Allen. “My mom met my Dad on this bus going from San Mateo Ca to San Francisco to work everyday. She sat behind the driver and that is how they met. Some time around the mid 1920’s.”

He was handsome, Dawn. It’s a great story!

Thanks to everyone who has shared photos that show a completely different time.

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