If You Love Horses, You’ve Gotta See These Awesome Horse-themed Items!

If You Love Horses, You’ve Gotta See These Awesome Horse-themed Items!

Throughout history, people have always had a fascination for horses. From the wild horses painted on the walls of the Chauvet Cave in France (that date back to 30,000 BC) to the merry-go-rounds featured at carnivals and fairs today, it seems horses have always had a role in our culture.

When it comes to collecting vintage and antique horse-adorned items, there are so many ways to go: pottery, jewelry, kitchen knick knacks, and of course, our personal favorite, rocking horses! Check out some of our favorite horse-themed items, submitted by our users, and share your photos too!

from: Dina K. Wible: “Just two in my Collection of Leather Horses I inherited”

from: Jan Dotten: “I would love any information on this Fisher stove & the Wet Mare horse doorstop too. Thank you in advance”

from: Sue Hutcheson: “Any information on this rocking horse?”
If You Love Horses, You've Gotta See These Awesome Horse-themed Items!

from: Mary Matuskey: “The Hackley Historic House in Muskegon Michigan. From; Mary Matuskey. Venture into the realm of time, breath the soft grain woods and playfulness of an aged rocking horse. (photo by Mike Ferski)”

from: Janice Schmidt Sherry: “Does anyone have any information about this horse tricycle I bought at a flea market years ago? It’s made of wood, leather and metal. “

from: Sheryl Johnson Drost: “Can anyone tell me about this horse and baby? We believe it is copper. I have a single horse like it as well.”

from: Cheryl Melton Revell: “Photo of my father-in-law on rocking horse around 1929 on the left, upper right is my daughter 1985, and my granddaughter this year. I have taken pictures of all the grandchildren in our little rocking horse which you can see has been loved on for years as the paint has been rocked away.”

from: Sharon Dominguez: “this is a real old carousel horse stand that used to be right by the entry of the carousel for only 5 cents a ride”

from: Carole Kappeler-Weigel: “This rocking horse was made by one of my uncles around 1936. “

from: Shelley Whitaker Cleveland: “Don’t know much about this rocking horse. “

from: Loretta Slaughter: “Found this horse all metal/iron. Has 3 wheels and handlebars, never had pedals and very detailed. Saddle is puffed up and has stars puffed higher then saddle. Has no markings, would love to find any info on it. Year? Maker? Value?”

from: Dina K. Wible: “These are only three of the Antique Bronze horse that I inherited from my late Mother. She was a collector of Antiques and a horse lover. She collected mainly Antique Bronze, leather, and cast-iron horses just to name a few. I am now the proud owner of her entire collection. “Dusty Old Thing” fits this picture, as you can see I need to dust them”