Historical Nicknames Are Less Confusing When You Know the Facts

You have 3 guesses as to what “Creasy” is short for.

M Nicknames

Madge – for Margaret

Maggy or Meg – for Margaret

Mame – for Margaret or Mary

Mandy – for Samantha

Manny – for Emanuel

Marge – for Margaret or Marjorie

Mare – for Maria

Mattie – for Martha

Maud – for Magdalene or Matilda

May – for Margaret

Meta – for Margareta

Mickey – for Michael

Midge – for Margaret

Millie – for Amelia, Emeline, Mildred, or Millicent

Mimi – for Mary

Mina – for for Wilhelmina

Minnie – for Minerva or Philomena

Mira – for Elmira or Mirabel

Moe – for Maureen

Molly – for Martha or Mary

Myra – for Almira

Via/ Library of Congress

N Nicknames

Nab – for Abel

Nan – for Ann, Hannah, Joanne, or Nancy

Nancy – for Ann, Anna, Agnes, or Frances

Nannie – for Nancy

Ned – for Edmund or Edward

Ned – for Norton

Neely – for Cornelia

Neil – for Cornelius or Edward

Nell – for Cornelia, Eleanor, Ellen, or Helen

Nessie – for Agnes

Nettie – for Annette, Henrietta, or Jeanette

Nicie – for Eunice

Noni – for Ione, Nora, Eleanor, or Elnora

O Nicknames

Ollie– for Olive, Ophelia, Olga, Ola, Olympia, Olena, Olva, Olinda, Olivette or Olivia

Ora – for Aurillia

Ora – for Corinne

Orie– for Victoria, Aurelia, Aurilla, Aura, Isadora, Orianna, Oriana, Oredie, Orressia, Orlena or Orcelia

Ortie – for Orthha, Ortha, Orthelia

P Nicknames

Pablo – for Paul

Paco – for Francisco

Paddy – for Patrick

Patsy – for Martha, Matilda, Patricia

Peg – for Margaret

Peggy – for Margaret

Penny – for Penelope

Polly – for Mary or Paula

Pug – for Raymond

Prissy – for Priscilla

Via/ Library of Congress

R Nicknames

Randy – for Miranda

Reba – for Rebecca

Rena – for Irene

Rick – for Eric

Rick – for Frederick, Garrick, Patrick, Richard, or Roderick

Rita – for Margarita or Norita

Ron – for Aaron or Reginald

Ronnie – for Veronica

Ronny – for Ronald

Rosie – for Rosalind, Rose, Rosemary, Rosetta

S Nicknames

Sadie – for Sally or Sarah

Sattie – for Sarah

Sandy – for Alexander

Sena – for Sarah

Senga – for Agnes

Shirley – for Charlotte

Si – for Cyrus, Matthias, or Silas

Sis or Sissi – for Cecilia, Frances, or Elizabeth

Sol – for Solomon

Stacia – for Eustacia

Stan – for Stanislas or Stanley

Stella – for Estella, Estelle, Esther

Sukey – for Suzanna

T Nicknames

Tad – for Edward or Thadeus

Ted – for Edmund, Edward, Theodore

Tempie – for Temperance

Telly – for Aristotle

Terza – for Theresa

Tess – for Elizabeth or Theresa

Tia – for Antonia

Tibbie – for Isabella

Tilda or Tiily – for Matilda

Tina – for Albertina, Augustina, Christina, Earnestine, Justina, or Martina

Tish – for Letitia

Trixie – for Beatrice or Beatrix

Trudy – for Gertrude

Via/ Library of Congress

V Nicknames

Van – for Evangeline

Vangie – for Evangeline

Vi – for Violet

Vida– for Violet

Vina – for Alvina or Lavina

Virgie – for Virginia

Vonnie – for Yvonne

W Nicknames

Wally – for Wallace or Wlater

Walt – for Walter

Wendy – for Gwendolen

Winn – for Edwin

Winnie – for Edwina or Winifred

Woody – for Woodrow

Via/ Library of Congress

Z Nicknames

Zac – for Isaac, Zachariah, or Zachary

Zeb – for Zebulon

Zed – for Zedekiah

Zeke – for Ezekiel

Zena – for Albertina

Zeph – for Zephaniah